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2009 Submissions

WERONE New Wave Song

2007 Submissions

Flute and Keys Classical Song
City Of Glass Industrial Song
Default Ambient Song
A time for change Miscellaneous Song
Aminre Ambient Song
My Beloved (ARMOR MIX) Ambient Song
Uber Loop 3 Techno Song
Lady Kung Fu (ARMOR MIX) Techno Song
Dance of the Violins Classical Song
Big Bang in my Basement Classical Song
Uber Loop 2 Techno Song
Antigone Miscellaneous Song
Im High Flying (ARMOR MIX) Ambient Song
PENFELD Mapping Miscellaneous Song
Eden (ARMORMIX) Techno Song
Project D Trance Song
Jack Katch Is A Killer Ambient Song
Wicked Weather Ambient Song
Dense Techno Song
Uber Loop 1 Dance Loop
DidZitAl MedIA Techno Song
Hide And Seek (ARMOR MIX) Ambient Song
Price Is Right (ARMOR MIX) Techno Song
The ARMOR Trance Song
The Hymn Ambient Loop
Heaven Strikes (ARMOR MIX) Trance Song
Chirstmas Wishes Of 2005 Ambient Song
XenoSaga Last Battle ARMORMIX Video Game Song
Get Over Him (ARMOR MIX) Techno Song
Understand (ARMOR MIX) Dance Song
Lifeless Orchestra Techno Song
Remember Me as I was Miscellaneous Song
Don't Wear My (ARMOR MIX) Techno Song
No one really Knows(ARMOR Mix) Miscellaneous Song
Piano Bliss Ambient Song
The Twisted Queen Ambient Loop
Shot From A Canon (ARMOR MIX) Techno Song
The Last Battle (ARMOR MIX) Dance Song
Mechanical Gay Sex Ambient Song
Shot From A Canon Dance Song
Don't Touch my Moob Techno Song
Orange Trance Song
Mcgyver Trance Song